Stats Summary – Week 7: PP90/$

Stats Summary - Week 7: PP90/$

Every now and then real life comes up and demands our attention, and that’s exactly what happened to Andrew this week. Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad.  He’s getting the chance to indulge his passion for soccer and I think we can all agree that we think that’s awesome!

Fortunately for us, he was still able to assemble some statistical tidbits for everyone to parooze before the start of DGW Round 8. So please enjoy Stats Summary – Week 7: PP90/$ and look forward to a new article by Andrew next week.

– Reid



It is tryouts week for the youth club I coach for so I’m super busy this week. Didn’t have time to write a full-blown article, so here’s a couple spreadsheets full of useful data for you to look at:

Value measured by PP90/current$

Bonus points and bonus points per 90


About Andrew Crollard

Andrew has worked as both an economist/data analyst and as a university and youth soccer coach. Naturally, marrying soccer and data together is a perfect fit.

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