2015 MLS Fantasy Final Stats Download

2015 MLS Fantasy Final Stats Download

2015 MLS Fantasy Final Stats Download

It’s taken me a little longer than I expected to gather all of the base stats that i wanted, but I’ve finally finished my initial gathering of the final regular season stats from the 2015 MLS Fantasy season. Because I’ve taken so long, I’ve tried to add a little more information that people might find helpful.

Included in the download file will be stats for all players in all positions, a section of just players with 200+ min played, a section of just players with 450+ min played, and a section of the top 25% of players from each position. Within these sections I’ve provided a calculation of various stats when broken down as Per 90 and Per Game.

In the coming months (mostly over Christmas break) I’ll try to calculate some additional numbers and start laying the groundwork for 2016 articles and the 2016 Fantasy Primer. So if there is anything specific you would like to see, then feel free to contact me via e-mail or Twitter.

Thanks and Enjoy!!!

2015 MLS Fantasy Stats Excel File – Uploaded 02/08/16

  • 11/19/15: Corrected formulas for Mid and Fwd PPG and PP90
  • 02/08/16: Formatting Updates

(Please let me know if you see any errors and I will correct them)

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