Best XI Predictions – Round 24


Did you ever wonder what you could do with a team if you used a Wild Card every week?  In Best XI at $120m, we will explore the options available to brand new players as well as those using a Wild Card as we predict the rounds Dream Team. Along with the best players by round match up, players with the best upcoming schedules will take precedence over similarly priced players.


Goalkeeper – Bingham $6.2 SJ – San Jose has a decent stretch of games until round 27 and if Rowe is indeed out, this is a solid option with the value to switch into another player.

Defender – Steres $5.5 LA: The consensus must own defender at this time.  No byes and the right price.

Defender – Moor $7.8 TFC: The cheap defenders are on bye next week. Why not grab one of the best defenders. Despite a game against OCSC in 25, he’s a favorable pick to Kemp.

Defender – Sjoberg $6.1 COL: Still one of the best, and arguably a must own.

Midfielder – Piatti $11.4 MTL: A game against Chicago and a home game in round 25 is more then enough for this inclusion.

Midfielder – Gerrard $10.7 LA: When he’s healthy he’s a great option, plus he’s playing rounds 25 and 27.  Set him and forget him.

Midfielder –  Pontius $7.7 PHI: No byes still producing despite limited minutes.  In a five midfielder lineup, he’s one of the premier value options.

Midfielder – Quintero $6.5 SJ: Quintero is a solid option for the price with a good matchup this week.

Midfielder – Lodeiro $11.8 SEA: Saving the best for last

Forward – Giovinco $13.6 TFC: He’s on a DGW and consistently one of the highest scorers.  How can you not have him.

Forward – O. Kamara $8.8 CLB: New England’s defense hasn’t gelled this year and Kamara is due for a goal.

Subtotal: $96.1


Goalkeeper – Blake $5.0 PHI

Defender – Campbell $5.0CHI

Defender – Gullien $4.0 DAL

Forward – Badji $4.5 COL

Forward – Herbers $4.6 PHI

Subtotal: $23.1

Here you have a lineup that can compete both this week and next and sets up to carry through round 27.  Three transfers next week will fill out the XI and facilitate the transition to round 27.  This also locks in the 3-5-2 going forward which is the safer and smarter play given the lack of consistency at forward and the bye weeks coming up.

Total $119.2

The total leaves roughly $5.0 for players who have been with the game to expand on a single position.  Kamara can re replaced by BWP or Quintero could easily be swapped for a more premium midfielder without issue for many top players.


There are several intriguing options starting with Giovinco on the road in Philadelphia.  This is arguably the safest matchup.  Lodeiro has been on fire since joining the league, but there’s the rumored injury and a rivalry game that can lead to unexpected results.  Kljestan or BWP against DC are also intriguing picks.

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