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To all of the newcomers in FMLS, WELCOME!!! This article is for the people who like to walk on the wild side and take a weekly differential pick into their line up. A punt constitutes a player who is <5% owned, has a favorable schedule/fixtures, and is either inexpensive or in form.

With GW1 behind us, and GW2 approaching, now is the time to find key differentials to set yourself apart from everyone else. We all had the heavy hitters in our lineups, and most under performed. David Villa, Keane and Kamara blanked, Kaka & Drogba were injured, Loyd was benched, Jorales didnt take the PK. Most players that had massive games were not whom you initially had in your lineup. I said it before the season started, and ill say it again. This is the year of the differential!! With that being said, here are my GW2 punts at each position!


ROWE – LAG – 4.6 Mil @ 4.0 % Ownership

With the injury to President Kennedy, Rowe stepped in and played 71 minutes. In that time, he amassed 8 points! 1 CS, 5 Saves and 7 recoveries. We don’t know the time table for Kennedy to return, and at 4.6 Mil for a starter with a decent schedule ahead of him, it seems like a great pick.


Coelho – SKC – 7.7 Mil @ 3.4 % Ownership

Coehlo has been on my radar ever since the Opara injury. I took him out of my lineup right before the deadline, and regret it. Paired with Besler, this tandem will not only keep CS, score goals, but also has the potential to generate great BP’s. 16 points in 90 minutes with 1 GS, 1 CS, 4 CL , 0 B, 0 I, 8 REC, 3 SHOTS. Coelho will be in my lineup this week and wont come out until SKC’s form dips. 4 home games in the next 5 matches (VAN/TFC/RSL/nyrb/COL) is good enough for me!

Moor – TFC – 7.1 Mil @ 2.9 % Ownership

I have been big on Moor since TFC acquired him from COL. The 8 away fixtures tend to scare people away from TFC’s defense, but with the addition of Moor/Beita/Irwin, it shouldn’t. Moor scored 8 points in 90 minutes, boasting 1 CS, 8 C,3 I, 2 T, 3 R. He also will be a GS threat on set pieces. He is one for me to watch


P. Morales – VAN – 10.6 Mil @ 2.3 % Ownership

Porales was in my lineup since Kaka was ruled out with injury. He has under performed this past season, but his potential is too great to pass up on. He is on all SP, and pulls the strings for VAN. With a DGW coming up in GW4, and his ability to generate BP’s, score and assist, he should be considered in everyone’s line up.  Porales scored 10 points in 90 minutes with 1 AS, 2 C, 4 KP, 2 BCC, 1 C, 1 I, 6 R, 4 SH, 1 Fouled, he is a BP monster. GET HIM IN.

Accam – CHI – 9.2 Mil @ 4.3 % Ownership

This isn’t much of a punt. Its more of a MUST HAVE. I also had Accam in my initial line up, but the pressure got to me, and I failed….horribly. Accam is too dynamic of a player not to have in your line up. He has pace, great vision, and has a knack for finding the back of the net. Scoring 14 points in 90 minutes while compiling 1 GS, 1 A, 2 KP,2 BCC,1 T,6 R,7 SHOTS and was fouled twice. He took the PK when Gilberto was subbed, and is on most SP. MUST HAVE PLAYER.


Bruin – HOU – 9.1 Mil @ 2.2 % Ownership

We all know that when the Dancing Bear get hot…you get him in your lineup. Bruin is a streaky player, and opening the season up with 11 points, 90 minutes played, 2 A, 3 KP,1 BCC, 1 C,2 I, 1 T,6 R,1 SHOT and was fouled once seems pretty legit. If you’re looking for a player who could help you out. Bruin could be your man! The schedule isnt too favorable, with FCD/nyrb/van/SEA/LAG, he could put some decent points up. Buyer beware…FCD has had their way with HOU the past couple of games.

There you have it! GW2 Punts!! Im glad to be back, and I hope you all are too! My transfers this week look to be Francis/Stacha OUT—Coelho/Accam IN…

Let me know what your punts are this week!!


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