KFC MLS Fantasy Team – Week 5

Good evening everyone. Sorry this post, as the others this week, was late. I actually just decided on the last trade so I really could not have posted it earlier. The decision was swayed by conversations in chat and on the r/FantasyMLS site. I never pass up an opportunity to learn something new and the continued growth of this community has been great. You all make us want to keep updating this site, so thanks! Now the team!

KFC Team Week 5

Week 4 summary

I think this was the first week where I can say that the KFc team benefited from the mid-week point adjustments. We finished week 4 with 70 points. Well above the average and enough to gain spots in many leagues. A few players did not perform, but that was not totally unexpected. But…. HAMID! Loves seeing the Crew win (closest MLS team to us) but so many goals!

Week 5 Changes

The first point I want to highlight is a transition in team formation that you will be noticing in the coming weeks. We’re going to be changing to a 1 forward formation. That means we’ll be playing 4 or 5 midfielders or defenders as often as we can. The reason for this is that forwards are just not generating points to keep up with good bonus point generation of midfielders and defenders. This made out first choice easy.

Since we are playing 1 up top, there is no need to stack out front line with 2 expensive players. Higuaín is going nowhere. That leaves Wondo. I know he scored last week, but he does not get the kind of bonus point generation the Higuaín does. So that makes him expendable for out new formation. He has been replaced with Earnshaw. Toronto is not playing as bad as some expected, and Earnshaw has the benefit or being cheap, a starter, and a good attacking player. He’ll make an excellent sub.

The second trade was much harder and, as mentioned, was influenced by multiple conversations. Our targets were narrowed down to Le Toux and Davis early in the week. Le Toux is in excellent form and Davis is an excellent player who did not see much time during his International duty. Initially, Le Toux was winning the race because the NY defense is just so…unpredictable. But in the end, Davis was our man. Multiple reasons here, his next few games seem a bit better, he’s key to the offense, he’s not likely to play OOP as a forward, and has a home game.

For the rest of the team, Columbus and DC players are on the bench as in Earnshaw. This was tough too, but I think LA has a better defense than Portland, Brown is playing at home, and Brown is a shooting machine. I’m actually hoping he’ll be able to grab a goal or an assist this week.


Not hard, Zusi. If you listen to Extra Time Radio you know that they interviewed Matt Besler who let everyone know that He and Zusi were eager to get on the field and play against Montreal. SKC has some of the most fit players in the league, so I’m expecting him to play most of the 90.

Week 6 Prep

Don’t forget, there will be 1 extra trade next week, so plan accordingly. We’re looking at shaving a few points to make another Midfield upgrade, and to replace some players that are going to have a bye that week.

So that’s the KFC team for Week 5. What do you think? How did your team do? Want input on your team? Stop by r/FantasyMLS and post. There are many good members who can help out with questions.

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