LWOS Fantasy Preseason Interview

Fantasy Preseason

Hello all you fantasy managers! We’re getting closer to the start of the 2017 season and that also means that every day the start of the fantasy season also grows nearer. When will it be? Only Ben Baer knows, but that does not stop any of us from dreaming about the changes that may take place during this fantasy preseason.

Earlier this week, Last Word on Sports invited MLS Fantasy Boss and MLS Fantasy Insider to participate in a fantasy preseason interview. It’s a short segment but Reid, Mike, and Blayne all take some time to quickly review the 2016 season, share some of their initial thoughts on their hopes for 2017, and give an early preview of some of the players they are keeping an eye on.

So if you’re a veteran looking for some quality fantasy discussion or a new player who is just trying to get an idea as where to start, fantasy preseason interview is something you should take some time to listen to.

LWOS Fantasy Preseason Interview

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