MLS Fantasy Boss 2016 Round 4 Team

MLS Fantasy Boss 2016 Round 4 Team

You’ve read all the advice from the MLS Experts, you’ve chatted with other managers here at MLS Fantasy Boss, and you lurked around /r/FantasyMLS to get a heads up on all new developments. Now it’s time to sit back and relax and enjoy!

I finished Round 3 with 73 points. Not too bad especially since the average was only 52 and I won most of my H2H matches. This week, I’m expecting a low score. With so many ppl gone for call-ups, I’m taking some risks that guys will be back at least for their second games. I just don’t like all of the matches this week enough to invest heavily in the DGW or take -4 hits. My overall plan in to use my WC for Round 6, so I also did nto think I needed to stock up on guys for that either.

Here is the MLS Fantasy Boss Round 4 Team. Go #TeamBoss!

MLS Fantasy Boss 2016 Round 4 Team


Only one keeper should play two games this week so the easy choice is Worra again.


I dropped Brinbaum and brought in Farrell this week so I had at least 1 DGW player. Zimmerman and Parker are both gone for U-23 duty right now and I’m taking a chance that they will be back for the 4/2 game.


Switcheroo time this week with Endoh and Ivanschitz. Other than that, I already had the guys I wanted but had to drop Accam in order to free up money for my forward trade.


And at forward, I added a third player, Urruti. He’s been on good form and I think he’ll do well during the DGW.


Washington is once again my Switch Bait, I’m going to see how Endoh is doing against Colorado and if he is able to get some extra points, I leave him. If he’s on track for 2 or 3, then I’ll manual sub Ivanschitz back in and hope for some Seattle magic.


Right now it’s on Morales, but Diaz is very tempting so I may switch before kickoff.

That’s the MLS Fantasy Boss 2016 Round 4 Team. No don’t go changing your team to be exactly like mine, because there are a lot of viable players and strategies. How does that compare to your team? If you have any questions about my team, or yours, I encourage you to post at /r/FantasyMLS or use the FREE Live Chat just to the right of this post. Posting pictures of your team is encouraged and most people are pretty good about giving constructive feedback.

Good Luck!


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