MLSFI: 2019 Round 30 The Final DGW of the 2019 Season

Round 28

Reid and Michael are joined by special Patreon guest Kyle Frankiewich to review all the biggest surprises and most important takeaways from Round 29 of the MLS Fantasy Season.

Seattle and Portland dominate the Live Chat group when asked about their most surprising moments, but the guys also take some time to focus on the number of clean sheets and the strong performance by New York Red Bulls players.

Reid give a quick overview of the the DGW teams and provides a 538 powered update about who’e left in the playoff picture during the Housekeeping section before turning it over to Kyle shares with everyone why he is a Patreon supporter and what it means to be a part of the MLS Fantasy community..

They wrap up with a discussion of player options and there is a difference in opinion as to which forwards are needed for this final DGW,

There’s lots of great information packed into this episode so don’t forget to listen before games start on Wednesday!

Host & Co-Hosts

Special Guest

  • Kyle Frankiewich

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2019 Round 30 Differential Hunting During the DGW

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