Switcheroo Targets for Round 5

The switcheroo is one of the essential advanced tactics in the game. By seeing how your bench performs and choosing to keep or ignore their scores, managers can hedge their bets to come out ahead. In this article series, we will pinpoint potential bench options and their switcheroo replacements along with giving target scores we would like to see from the bench.

It’s the first double game week of the season in Round 5 which means big choices and not a lot of time to make adjustments. This week I’m advising managers run two scrub defenders and a three man autoroo from the bench. This is the easiest way to save money and still get a slight advantage on your overall score. This is also the best way to maximize double game week players.

The reason for not running more traditional switcheroos this week is the quality of the matchups and the fixture congestion. You can see the first score of any player but will have to decide from there if they want to forgo the second game and try a different player. The way the games line up doesn’t leave a lot of options that are cheap enough to consider.

Round 5 Switcheroo Targets

Goalkeepers – McCarthy on the bench with a switch to Gallese is arguably the best play, but also incredibly expensive. The rest of the matchups this week don’t lend to quality clean sheet opportunities early. Running a single keeper this week is easily the best investment of funds.

Defenders – The best advice to give for defenders this week is not to switcheroo with them. They are cheaper, but the premium attacking players are a higher priority. Take your chances with three DGW players and throw your scrubs on your back line. Managers may way to get sneaky with TFC or CLB defenders and checking the results, but it’s easily better to leave it alone.

Cristian Dajome $7.8m – M VAN: A brace last weekend and PK duty is a great find for under $8m. Dajome is an easy inclusion on the bench without a lot of investment. Montreal and SKC are both suspect on defense at times and Dajome is lining up as a forward more often than not.

Leon Flach $5.4m – M PHI: As managers look to save money, there’s not much better option for saving money with plenty of upside. Flach has performed well when he’s played and the price is right for a bench spot given the two home games.

Caden Clark $6.1m – M NYRB: Clark makes another appearance again. He’s easily one of the best SGW options available this round. For the price he’s an option for the bench or could be the replacement player if you run a switcheroo.

Cade Cowell $5.9m – F SJ: Cowell is likely to stay on this list for a long time. He’s having monster games at home and started off so cheap, he’s still budget friendly.  Given the two games he’s close to a must include to free up funds.

Johnny Russell $7.6m – F SKC: Johnny “Freaking” Russell is coming off a monster 8 bonus point game. That’s unheard-of a for a forward. He’s a slight rotation risk this week, but worth a shout from the bench as your 3rd striker.

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