Game Week 24 Team

Game week 23 went great for us KFC! We ended up grabbing 73 points and were the 3rd highest point getter in our league. But this team was geared for the double games tat happened in Week 23, so now it’s time to shake things up.

Wild Card time!

Here’s the team:

Game Week 24 team
Game Week 24 team

Keeper: Szczesny -> OUT and Mignolet -> IN. This gives us the top 2 keepers and a good run of games. Begovic has been looking a little rough these last few weeks, so having a strong backup is important.

Defense: Zabaleta, Ivanovic, and Gibbs -> OUT and Martin R, Davies, and Pearce -> IN. We’re freeing up money for our attackers with this move. Martin R has been solid for the year and Norwich has pulled out some good defensive performances. Davies is a GREAT! defensive value. Swansea has  more solid over the past few weeks and Davies has shown he has a desire to pus up o help on offense. Pearce is bench fodder.

Midfield: Snodgrass, Nolan, Fellaini, and Sidwell -> OUT and Michu, Cole, Mata, and Lennon -< IN. Cleaning house here. Mata is a must have and Michu is not far behind. This gives us 3 big guns for the remained of the season. Cole played very well in the Double Game Week and Lennon makes things happen. They are also a good value to give us a little more cash for a front line.

Forwards: Berbatov -> OUT and Sturridge -> IN. e feel good about our forwards. Suarez moving back to a more attacking midfield position left us wanted someone for Liverpool who could take advantage of his service. Sturridge is that guy, and we are hoping for some good things from him.

That’s the team. As always, let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for things you’d like to see on the site.

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