Game Week 25 Team

Game week 25 is upon us, and we’ve waited until the very ed to decide on our trade.

Begovic -> OUT and Cesa -> IN

KFC Game Week 25 Team

Why swap keepers? Begovic and Stoke have been going down for several weeks now. With Mignolet on our team, we are already pretty confident that we still have a main keeper who is capable of saves and shutouts. Cesar, well, he’s a bit of an experiment. I’ve mentioned in several Stat articles how QPR have significant defensive numbers while being on the bottom of the table. This is a test of that

With our defense, the only decision that was tough was sitting O’Brian for Clyne. Wigan are not offensive powerhouses, but the play a defender at home idea echos through my head. Going with my gut on this one because West Ham have been declining when it comes to defensive performances and Mich is due some points.

As for the attacking 8. I decided to sit Sturrage this week. Why? Well, Man City at home, that’s why. I think that game is going to be rough and that Lennon and Cole migt have a better chance at getting some points than Sturrage does. Some members of the KFC team would not be sad to see this prediction proven wrong, but only time will tell.

Well, that’s the plan for this week. Good luck to everyone in the KFC league!

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